Foods for a Budget

With rising prices at the grocery store, it is good to know that some staples are still fairly affordable. With these foods your only limit is your imagination. As long as you have a pantry of go-to ingredients and spices, you can feed yourself and a family for pennies.

  • Eggs
    • A great source of protein, also quick and easy. You can cook eggs many ways and you can include in many dishes. Eggs usually come in a carton of 12 or 24.
  • Potatoes
    • This starchy tuber is also very versatile and can be put in soups, roasts, and again the possibilities are endless. Usually a 5 pound bag of potatoes I have seen as cheap as 99 cents at the grocery store.
  • Beans
    • Not many people like beans but they are another great source of protein and come in many flavor profiles and store very well. A few of my favorites are black bean, lentils, and navy beans.
  • Rice
    • A large bag of rice usually costs under $10 and can feed you and a family for months. The amazing thing about rice is that it is filling and is paired with proteins or vegetables.
  • Carrots
    • A bag of carrots is fairly inexpensive and can last in the fridge for quite a while. They are great for adding some sweetness to stews
  • Celery
    • Celery does not last as long as carrots in the fridge but are a great in adding substance and flavor to most dishes.
  • Frozen Corn or Peas
    • Adds color and sweetness and because it is frozen it can be stored back in the freezer for use again.
  • French Bread
    • A loaf that you can get in the grocery store averages at a dollar and can be used for the whole week and toward the end can be used for French toast or made into croutons.
  • Pasta
    • When a sale hits on pasta, no nuts. Pasta has quite the long shelf life and can be used in many ways from baking, soups, and even salads.


A Pint of Heaven

If you could encapsulate heaven in a ice cream pint it would exist as Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio. I don't know why it tastes like you have been transported to a lovely mass of clouds in a pistachio airship, but it just does. I have savored spoonfulls of this stuff while performing another sinful act...watching the Bachelor Season 20.

I Never Liked French Toast

I never liked French toast. Leftover bread soaked in egg batter and saturated in oil till it resembles a deep fried leather purse was never my kind of breakfast. But..I have evolved. I have opened my eyes to other possible ways of creating French toast. The topping options are endless. Bread choices are beyond the typical Wonderbread. Challah toast pictured below with a light egg batter and a hint of cinnamon. Server with a pat of butter, sprinkling of powdered sugar, maple syrup and a side of fruit.

Pick a Pack of Chai-pers: Bigelow Vanilla Chai Black Tea

This is a good on the go chai that has a milk flavor to it and would be perfect for a chilly day. Wrap your hands around Bigelow's Vanilla Chai Black Tea. It really is "sweet and spicy all at the same time."

BBQ and Happiness

I truly believe that if everyone ate good barbeque, then the world would be a happier place. Have you ever NOT seen a happy person at a barbecue joint? There was a very angry sounding man passing by my window not too long ago and I thought to myself, "this man needs some ribs." I think he probably needs more than ribs, but I am sure ribs would shut him up.


My attempt at sweet potato pie. Not bad at all.

My attempt at scallops. Warning: Surprisingly did not go well with Ranch Dressing